ADI F1 5.56mm 62 grain FMJ 900rd M2A1, Film Pack UPC: 9332153001544

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  • ADI F1 5.56mm 62 grain FMJ  900rd M2A1, Film Pack UPC: 9332153001544


NO Limit 

THIS IS A 900 ROUND CAN! Inside the rounds are protected against the elements by blister pack strips. Possibly the best packaged ammunition available anywhere.

Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1 ball ammunition provides consistent performance across an extreme temperature range while minimising visibility of the firing location during use. 

Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1 ball ammunition is designed to be interoperable with all 5.56 mm calibre NATO weapons and is comparable to other in-service natures such as FN SS109. Tested weapons include EF88, F89 Minimi Light Machine Gun, M16A2 and M4A1 in accordance with the Multi Calibre Manual of Proof and Inspection Procedures.


  • Length of complete round: 57.4 mm (Max)
  • Projectile construction: Hardened steel penetrator and leadcore, enclosed in gilding metal jacket
  • Propellant type: Single base solvent propellant
  • Cartridge mass: 12.0 g (Nominal)
  • Projectile mass: 4.0 g (Nominal)
  • Chamber pressure: Kistler 6215 transducer <405 MPa (Avg)
  • Accuracy: Avg Std Dev < 100 mm in both horizontal and vertical planes @ 300 m
  • Muzzle energy: 1,500 J (Min)
  • Temperature range: -54°C to 80°C



Low muzzle flash and smoke to minimise visible signs of the firing location, when compared to other 5.56 mm ammunition, such as M855 rounds using double base propellant (WC844). This is achieved by matching the projectile with the right propellant formulation in order to achieve the required muzzle velocity, while minimising unburnt propellant before the projectile exits the barrel. This ammo is packaged in 18 50-round plastic-film packs that can be separated into five-round film packs. Includes convenient ammo can. Some of the best made, best packaged and protected ammunition available in the market today built on the same lines as the Australian military ammunition. 


Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1 ball ammunition offers superior reliability and performance in 5.56 mm calibre rifles in particular the 5.56 mm calibre EF88, Minimi CFNEF89, M16 A2 and M4 A1. 


Australian Munitions’ 5.56 mm F1 ball ammunition can be supplied in the following standard packaging configurations: 

Plastic film pack (900 rounds per M2A1 container) 

The 5.56 mm F1 ball ammunition will be shipped in packages conforming to UN recommendations for packaging of dangerous goods. The packages are classified as Hazard Division 1.4S, UN Number 0012, Proper Shipping Name - Cartridges, Small Arms.

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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Good price great packaging

    Posted by Great value. (for 2021) great product on Jan 14th 2021

    For the post 2020 world it’s a pretty good price. There’s no need to harp on that. Compared to other 5.56 and even the same product on other sites this was significantly less expensive. In addition to the ammo can the ammo is sealed in plastic packaging. Great if you don’t have a dehumidifier or don’t plan on using the ammo anytime soon.

    The shipping is very fast. I’ve bought from GO several times and the ammo arrives in about a week. No hiding behind COVID lead times with these guys.

  • 5
    Nice packaging

    Posted by Mark on Jan 12th 2021

    I’ve never received my bulk Ammo in a sealed overpacked Ammo can. I can’t bring myself to cut the seal and open it so I’m saving this box for long term storage.

  • 5
    The best 5.56 nato I have ever used

    Posted by Christopher Nelson on Jan 9th 2021

    This ammunition is premium it has crimped and sealed;s completely overpacked it&#039;s in five round blister packs you could take this ammo can bury it in your backyard and 20 years from now I think you could open it up and they&#039;d be pristine. Very very accurate about the only thing I don&#039;t like about it is that they&#039;re not actually green tipped but that&#039;s not a real knock I just like it for identification purposes. If you are purchasing this ammunition for long-term storage I can&#039;t imagine there&#039;s a better option out there it is incredible.

  • 4
    As advertised

    Posted by David Hirschi-Boden on Jan 4th 2021

    The item was shipped quickly and arrived ahead of the estimated date.

  • 4
    No Drama

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 29th 2020

    Received the ammo without any drama, which is all I can ask for. I think it shipped the day after I ordered it. I think this ammo is the best &#039;surplus&#039; 5.56 you can buy. The packaging is excellent; ADI&#039;s blister packs, stacked neatly to fill the ammo can.The ammo just seems very consistent in construction and shoots about 1.5 MOA from my 10.3&quot; DD barrel. Shoots fairly clean. Haven&#039;t shot it at night to comment on the flash. It&#039;s a little spendier on this site than I can get the same ammo from a local store, even in 2020, so I docked a star.

  • 5
    900 rounds 5.56

    Posted by Matt on Dec 24th 2020

    Very nice. From the ammo can to the blister pack on the ammo, this is top notch. A little expensive but those are the times in which we live for now. Delivery was quick and ordering was easy as usual. I&#039;ve ordered from Global Ordnance on multiple occasions and they have always been five star on products and services.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Victor Petty on Dec 23rd 2020

    Good price for these times

  • 5
    Good service and product

    Posted by Marty Posey on Dec 15th 2020

    Good service and product

  • 5
    Green tip ammo w/box

    Posted by Mike on Dec 1st 2020

    Clean, cable sealed ammo box full of plastic sealed ammo in groups of 5. Expensive, but those are the times. Much like the Europe green tip spec ammo, they do not color code the bullets with green paint on tip, but there is a steel core in the bullet center

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