Belom Brass Case 7.62x39 123 Grain FMJ 480 Round Case UPC: 8606110608185

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Some of the finest BRASS CASE 7.62x39 you've ever seen. Made in Serbia, the Belom 7.62x39mm 123 Grain is a Full Metal Jacket round. These are packed in an ingenious polymer tower with the Belom crest moulded on the top, 20 rounds to the box. 


Due to market conditions, strict limit of 3 cases per order.



CARTRIDGE 7.62 39 mm, BALL, 123 gr
  Description Full metal jacket bullet, lead/antimony core. For military and law enforcement
applications, training and target shooting. UN transport classification UN0012, 1.4S.
    Round length maximum [mm] 55.8  
  Bullet lengt hmaximum [mm] 22.5  
  Case length, maximum 38.7  
  Round weight [g]                      approx. 17.0  
  Bullet weight [g] 8.0±0.10  
      Type     spherical double base propellant  
  Weight [g] 1.60 -  1.70  
    Velocity at 24m, 21±2°C,
standard proof barrel of 600 mm length
[m/s] 700±10  
  Maximum pressureaverage, 21±2°C, standard
proof barrel by CIP
[bar] ::.2800  
  Precisiontarget at 100mstandard proof barrel
of 600 mm length average mean radius
[mm] ::.40  
  Operating temperature [QC] -54 to +52  
  Storage temperature [QC] -15 to +35  
  Bullet extraction force, average [N] min 300  
  Waterproofness Cartridges are waterproof
(bubbles test)
  Functioning Cartridges function all specified
weapons without casualty at ambient temperatures, at -54°C
and +52°C
  Shelf life under storage conditions, minimum, years 15  
    Case Material   Brass 70/30  
Material   Brass 90/10 (gilding metal)  
  Core Material   Lead/Antimony alloy  
Type, model   Boxer type, non-corrosive, (1)5.LR  
Packaging (suggested, can vary according to the specific requirements)
  Type 20 rounds in small plastic waterproof box, 24 plastic boxes (480 rounds) in
the UN certified shipment carton box, 80 shipment carton boxes on the pallet (38.400 rounds)
  Case/box dimensions [mm] shipment carton box: 270x150x190
pallet: 1200x1000x910
  Case/box gross weight [kg] shipment carton box: approx. 10
pallet: approx.833
  Case/box volume [dm 3] shipment carton box: 7.7
pallet: 874
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34 Reviews

  • 5
    5 Star ammo

    Below 7.62x39 ammo is the best ammo I have fired. Truly high quality ammunition.

  • 5
    Brass Ammo 762x39 Belom

    Great ammo ,I have reordered another case but have not heard back, I hope this comes quicker than last time , I know you have a new system.

  • 5
    Belom 7.62x39

    The case I ordered was manufactured this year. Fresh ammo and Belom is good stuff. Reloadable brass. Sealed primers. Very accurate. Until next time, thanks for the order!

  • 5
    Belum 7.62x39

    Got it for a great price well I should say FedEx got it for a great price haven't got it yet got lots of text saying that it's on its way it's on its way quality company Global ordinance that is for shipping and merchandise FedEx kind of you know what!!!!

  • 4
    Just got it. Great packaging. Good looking brass. Hoping it will run through the mini 30


  • 4
    7.62x39 Brass

    Top quality ammo used in my AR style Rifle 400 rounds and no problems

  • 5
    Works likes it support to, amen !

    These will send it down range, like a beast !!!

  • 5
    Great Ammo

    No complaints this ammo delivers

  • 5
    Belom 7.62x39

    Reliable, accurate and good price makes it a good value in today's market.

  • 5
    Belom 7.62x39

    Best 7.62x39 I have shot in ages. NO ammo-induced malfunctions in 120 rounds. Shooting Tula with the same gun, I had 11 FTFs in one 30-round magazines... This stuff saved me from getting way too frustrated.

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