Special Australian Defense .300 Blackout Woodleigh 125 Grain FMJ 250 round case BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!

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  • Special Australian Defense .300 Blackout Woodleigh 125 Grain FMJ 250 round case BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
  • Special Australian Defense .300 Blackout Woodleigh 125 Grain FMJ 250 round case BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
  • Special Australian Defense .300 Blackout Woodleigh 125 Grain FMJ 250 round case BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!
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This is a special purchase never to be repeated and we're doing it BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. 

Woodleigh is a name known to big game hunters the world over. Never before has such an amazing combination been offered in a .300 Blackout. 

This ammo is wholly Australian made, the 125 grain Woodleigh bullet has been specifically developed for Australian Outback to achieve reliable expansion at the typical impact velocities achieved by the Australian Outback 300 Blackout cartridge. In addition to unmatched terminal effects, it also offers the hunter SUPREME accuracy and a G1 ballistic coefficient of just .270

If you aren't familiar with Woodleigh, know that they have been making .375 H&H, 416 Rigby, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro Express (and many other calibers) as well as hydrostatically stabilized rounds, VLD brass solids and of course, FMJ rounds for a long long time to hunt everything from deer to elephant, water buffalo, rhino, bison, moose and other large game. 

The higher ballistic coefficient bullet design has all the excellent qualities of typical Woodleigh Bullets which are highly regarded by serious game hunters. These bullets also feature the Weldcore technology as do all Woodleigh soft nose bullets. You'll get this round and you'd thank your lucky stars. This is the Woodleigh Weldcore bonded, protected soft-point bullet made specifically for this special run. 

In a word, HOLY COW! 

Now here's what makes these rounds even more incredible (and incredibly rare). These are NOT loose pack, they are NOT individually boxed, they are packed in waterproof blister packs scored in 5 round increments in sheets! They are then packed 250 rounds per case. So you can pull off as many 5-round packs as you want, throw them in your pocket or pack and no matter the weather, know they are sealed from dirt, dust and moisture. 


With this special purchase you get one FREE 250 ROUND CASE of this rare ammo

with each 250 round case purchased, up to a maximum of 5 free cases. 

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Additional Information

300 Blackout
125 Grain
Muzzle Velocity:
2205 FPS
Muzzle Energy:
1350 FT LBS
Bullet Type:
FMJ Protected Soft Point
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1 Review

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    ADI 125gr Woodleigh 300BO rounds

    Posted by TomVB on Feb 8th 2019

    I again decided to take advantage of Global’s 2 for 1 deal on ADI 125gr Woodleigh after getting the 2 for 1 deal on ADI’s 125gr Sierra Match King and being more than satisfied with its performance. I also reordered the 2 for 1 SMK with the Woodleigh and got 33 pounds of ammo delivered (<3 days) for $12.95!!! Phenomenal deal Global!!

    On my first range trip with the 125 SMK ammo last week, 5 round groups were 1.25” at 100 yards (Radical Firearms 300BLK (16” 1:8 twist) with a 4x12/40 Vortex Crossfire scope) so I was hoping for similar results with the Woodleigh as I’m hoping this will be my hog hunting round going forward.

    Shooting at 50 & 75 yards from a seated bench w/scope, the results were a little mixed. At 50 yds, two 5 round groups were 1.75“ & 2.625“, compared to the 125 SMK I shot as well, with those 2 groups at .625“ & 1.125”.
    At 75 yards, the Woodleigh actually improved a bit with groups of 1.75” & 2.37”, and the 125 SMK was .75” & 1.25”.
    I also set up a profile in my ATN XSight 2 for shooting Suppressed, and those 5 round groups were .875” at 25 yards and 2.37” at 75 yards.

    So in my totally unscientific tests, with only a few rounds fired in total, the 125 Woodleigh groups avg approx 4.4 moa, compared to ADIs 125 SMK avg of 1.8 moa. While this was not a contest, I did want to have (literally) a side by side look at both. And even though the Woodleigh doesn’t give me the tight groups the SMK does, it’s more than sufficient for my purposes and limited marksmanship ability, since most shots at hogs around here will be well under 100 yards, a 3-4 moa bullet will do the trick. And when you consider it’s 50 cents ppr with this deal, it’s a no-brainer if you’re not looking for a long range tack driver.

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