The Grand Power Pistol Guide by GBGuns

The Grand Power Pistol Guide by GBGuns

With more than 60 videos about Grand Power, and after running multiple models through various training events including Front Sight and Thunder Ranch (that experience story is HERE), as well as having carried different models daily for several years I suppose it's about time to create a guide to Grand Power pistols. We don't have every model imported to the US, but we've got enough of them (13 models) to start this guide.

I'm sure some of you have had experiences with Grand Power pistols, if so please tell us about it in the comment section including holsters you may have found to work.

What's So Special About Grand Power? Is a question many have asked. Those who know the guns may feel inclined to retort, "What's not special?". To simplify the answer here are some bulleted points.

  • All Grand Power pistols use a billet-steel chassis inside the grip. This solid frame ensures consistent trigger pull shot after shot as there is no flex between the pins holding things together and the polymer grip. The chassis will also outlast conventional pistol construction as the steel pins wear the steel chassis considerably less than they do polymer on other guns. This partially explains how Grand Power has a rental gun at a Slovakian range with over 120,000 rounds through it without any major component replacements.
  • The steel chassis is stamped with the initials of the smith who assembled the gun. This is the ultimate accountability in the event of a warranty claim. Other makers like Night Hawk Custom take great pride in having the same feature.
  • Grand Power pistols of 9mm caliber and larger use a unique rotating barrel action. This action eliminates the need for a tilting barrel, reduces felt recoil, and requires a lower bore axis. Yes there are other pistols that have rotating barrels, but not quite like a Grand Power.
  • All 19 of the Grand Power models we've reviewed over the years have been truly ambidextrous. This is advantageous not just for lefties, but also for those who take their training seriously enough to work with their other hand.
  • Triggers that rival the best. Smooth double-action, crisp and short single action, and even the striker-fired models are enough to make Canik and Walther fans pause for reflection.
  • Four 3-sided Backstraps come with the standard-sized guns. These backstraps change not just the way the gun fits the palm, but also the sides of the grip. The largest of them also increases the reach to the trigger for those looking for perfect trigger-finger placement.

The Guide

Grand Power pistols cover a wide range of potential application. There are more models and options than what we have listed here (and even more that aren't currently imported to the US), but this should get you headed in the right direction. To simplify we'll break the models down by size family, the exception being the rimfire offerings.

The read the rest of the guide, visit GBGuns at this link

Sep 1st 2022 GBGuns

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