Stribog SP9A3 Upgrade Program

Global Ordnance and Grand Power are aware that some bolts and locking blocks used in the Stribog SP9A3 may cause excessive wear and tear in the receiver, which can impact the firearm function and lifespan. The issue affects serial numbers GSB1001 through GSB3000. As a result, Grand Power and its U.S. importer Global Ordnance LLC are issuing a general upgrade program for all Stribog models SP9A3 at no cost to customers. This program is both corrective and preventative in nature.

The program applies to the following two parts on the SP9A3 model, and does NOT impact the SP9A1:


  • Bolt 
  • Locking block

Please follow the steps below to determine if you need to return only your bolt and locking block for replacement or the complete gun for inspection.


If you have not experienced any issues with your A3 or are only having cycling issues, please follow the steps to return your bolt and locking block so that we can send you replacements. - OR - If you are experiencing bolt drag or bolt lock up in the upper receiver, or if your charging handle seems excessively difficult to operate, please follow the instructions for returning your entire A3 for inspection so that our armorers can perform all corrective action at no cost to you.

Please fill out form here and we will send call tag and get either bolt and locking block or entire firearm back for repair.

Approximate turnaround time for the upgrade process will be 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your A3 firearm or A3 bolt and locking block. Thank you in advance for patience and understanding.

If you have any additional questions about this process, you can contact us at


The Global Ordnance and Grand Power Teams

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