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Grand Power X-Calibur Match, CO Mk23 UPC: 8588005808514

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  • Grand Power X-Calibur Match, CO Mk23 UPC: 8588005808514
  • Grand Power X-Calibur Match, CO Mk23 UPC: 8588005808514
  • Grand Power X-Calibur Match, CO Mk23 UPC: 8588005808514
  • Grand Power X-Calibur Match, CO Mk23 UPC: 8588005808514


The X-calibur Match CO is the ideal companion for sport shooters. This well-balanced pistol boasts a crisp trigger, a short reset, and offers two sight options. The pistol comes equipped from the factory with a red fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. Users can also choose to equip a red dot sight—with 2 mounting plates compatible with Vortex/Burris and Shield RMS patterns. The all-new Mk23 X-calibur showcases an aggressive slide design, improved cocking serrations, and an enhanced textured grip.MATCH variant features all steel dust cover that further reduces muzzle flip and improves speed and accuracy of subsequent shots.  

  • Caliber:9×19
  • Overall length: 8.5"
  • Width:1.9"
  • Height without magazine: 5.30"
  • Barrel length:4.8"
  • Weight w empty magazine: 2.2lb
  • Weight w/o magazine: 2lb
  • Standard magazine capacity:15


Hard case

3x15 round magazines

Available RDS Mounting Plates:

  • Vortex Venom/DocterNoblex/MeoRed 30
  • Trijicon RMR
  • Shield SMS

3x grip backplates

1x Recoil Spring

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4 Reviews

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    It's better than the MK12...I like it!

    Posted by CJ Ryan on Apr 9th 2024

    The X-calibur MK12 I have found to be superior to the SFx Caniks. My birthday provided the reason to gift myself the MK23 X-Calibur. It is a wonderful shooting firearm! The addition of adding a optic makes a superior handgun that much better. Factory sights are spot on out to 25 yards for me. I find the felt recoil action a step above other semi-automatics (Browning action). The rotating barrel recoil I can compare to firing an all metal or alloy handgun. It is something one has to experience in the smoothness as compared to other polymer frame handguns. I highly recommend taking the plunge and purchase the GP X-Calibur Mk23. I am glad I did!

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    Competition Ready Innovative Firearm

    Posted by Jonathan on Dec 19th 2023

    This gun is ready to run! It comes with everything needed out of the box to shoot action sports, stays level making follow up shots a breeze and overall a super fun gun to shoot. Similar to but not the same as the Beretta PX4. You won’t regret buying one. I now have 2 and am looking to buy the 10mm version when it’s available.

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    Boringly Amazing

    Posted by Patrick on Nov 19th 2023

    Just returned from the first range trip shooting it an zeroing the optic. I fed it a variety of ammunition including 100gr Hornady Critical Defense Light, 105gr Underwood +P+, 115gr FMJ, 124gr, and 147gr +P handloads. The only failure was with the 100gr Critical Defense Light. There just wasn't enough energy to consistently cycle the slide all the way resulting in a failure to feed and lock open. Everything else ran 100%. Bonus feature is that a firm tap on the bottom of a fresh magazine will release the slide. The grip texture is perfectly grippy and was neither distractingly sharp nor too slippery. After shooting about 200 rounds, I had minimal fatigue. The handgun does a beautiful job managing recoil. The trigger was excellent. The Shield RMSx feels like it was made for this gun. I love the fact that there is nothing to fiddle with to turn on/off or adjust brightness. It took a while to adjust the sight, but now it is dead on at 50 feet. The limiting accuracy factor is my poor eyesight and shitty shooting ability. The iron sight notch on the RMSx co-witnesses almost perfectly with the dot. In a battery out / emergency situation, it will work just fine. Two big thumbs up!

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    My new favorite pistol

    Posted by Joe on Nov 15th 2023

    Without question, it's the smoothest handgun I've ever shot. It's action is smoother than my shadow 2, and the recoil is just as low, even at half the weight. Gorgeous single action trigger breaks at 2#. Hammer is easy to lower for Carry Optics. Came with 2 plates, put a Vector Optics frenzy on it, and it's been running great. I accidentally put 500 rounds through it my first range trip, because it's too fun to shoot and I lost track.

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