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ADI World Class .223 REM 69 Grain Sierra MatchKing CASE200 UPC: 9332153003296

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  • ADI World Class .223 REM 69 Grain Sierra MatchKing CASE200 UPC: 9332153003296
  • ADI World Class .223 REM 69 Grain Sierra MatchKing CASE200 UPC: 9332153003296
  • ADI World Class .223 REM 69 Grain Sierra MatchKing CASE200 UPC: 9332153003296


Introducing the pinnacle of precision and performance in long-range shooting: the Hollow Point Boat Tail MatchKing® Bullets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and engineered for unparalleled ballistic excellence, these bullets are the ultimate choice for discerning marksmen and competitive shooters alike.


Advanced Ballistic Design: The unique hollow point boat tail design of these bullets provides an extra margin of performance, allowing match shooters to achieve exceptional accuracy even under the most adverse conditions. 


Precision Performance Metrics: Target corrected average velocity at 15ft stands at an impressive 2760, ensuring consistent and reliable performance shot after shot. With a corrected maximum average pressure of 62000, these bullets deliver the power and stability needed for long-range precision shooting.


Championship-Caliber Accuracy: For serious rifle competition, look no further than MatchKing® bullets. Sierra's unwavering commitment to exacting tolerances guarantees record-breaking accuracy that competitors can depend on, putting you in championship company every time you step onto the range.


Trusted Quality: With over 130 years of experience in propellant and ammunition design, ADI World Class Ammunition sets the standard for uncompromising quality and reliability. Trusted by the world's most discerning marksmen, ADI ammunition ensures peak performance when it matters most.


Optimized for Service Rifle Competition: Specifically designed for service rifle competition in M16A2/AR15-A2 platforms, Sierra® MatchKing® bullets have earned acclaim for setting numerous national records. Renowned for their exceptional accuracy at distances ranging from 200 to 300 yards, MatchKing® bullets empower shooters to extract maximum precision from their firearms.


Enhance Your Shooting Experience: Whether you're honing your skills on the range or competing at the highest levels of precision shooting, MatchKing® bullets provide the opportunity to squeeze every bit of accuracy from your firearm. However, please note that while these bullets offer pinpoint accuracy, they are not recommended for hunting purposes.


Bulk Case of 200 Rounds: Each purchase includes a case containing 200 rounds of Hollow Point Boat Tail MatchKing® Bullets, ensuring you have an ample supply of precision ammunition for your shooting endeavors. Elevate your shooting performance with the unmatched precision and reliability of MatchKing® bullets.

This is for a case of 200 rounds

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35 Reviews

  • 5


    Posted by jbow on Apr 15th 2024

    It's hard to beat Sierra 69gr.Matchking bullets...ADI has put together a real good performing round. Sub moa from many of my rifles. This ammo is also a very good choice for home defense. I'll bet it puts a smile on your face after you pop a few rounds

  • 5

    223 Sierra blitzking

    Posted by Bruce Hoover on Mar 8th 2024

    Good bullets and fast shipping and great communication

  • 5

    .223 ADI 69g SMK

    Posted by Brooks Yeates on Mar 4th 2024

    Absolutely great ammo! I’ve been looking for factory ammo to offset my reloading time. Out of my 18” BCA 1/8 twist .223 wylde, this ammo is as good as my reloads. Couldn’t be happier. I will definitely continue to buy!

  • 5

    Ammo quality

    Posted by Patrick steele on Feb 27th 2024

    Really liking this ammo so far , some of the best groupings I've had in a long time . Do recommend!

  • 5


    Posted by George Hudson on Feb 21st 2024

    Absolutely a joy to shoot , has never let me down, for sure

  • 5

    Becoming my go-to match ammo

    Posted by Geoff on Feb 16th 2024

    I originally got this to try as practice ammo for Accurized AR matches. To be fair its a little expensive for practice ammo but it was highly recommended by a respected friend. I'm now astounded at the consistency. I'm currently shooting this better than the Federal GMM 77gr. It's a little light, at 69, for ringing steel at distance—I wish they'd do a 77—but I can't argue with the results. I'm going to use this in a match tomorrow instead of the Fed GMM. In my practice session yesterday it was just... better.

  • 5

    ADI .223 Remington

    Posted by Gary Vielbaum on Feb 12th 2024

    Can’t beat the price. Shoots as good a group as the Federal HPBT Match for a lot less!

  • 5

    Good Stuff!

    Posted by Patrick on Feb 1st 2024

    This is my go-to service rifle league ammo. This 69 SMK is sub-MOA out of my match AR. Good Stuff!

  • 5

    ADI 69 grain 223 ammo

    Posted by M. Bowen on Jan 5th 2024

    What a great round for accuracy. You can’t even match this price reloading. Get it while you can.

  • 5

    Great 69g

    Posted by Randall Rhodes on Dec 16th 2023

    This ammo shoots very well out of my rifle. Very consistent and accurate round. Easily sub moa at 100. I was getting just under 1.5inches at 200 with this ammo very solid buy ?

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