AREX DELTA GEN 2 X TACTICAL OLIVE UPC: 815537024975 UPC: 815537024975

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The new AREX Delta GEN.2 Tactical is an unquestionably reliable tactical handgun that is ready to deliver whenever and wherever you are. It features an extended threaded barrel that you can equip with a sound moderator or any other muzzle device. It has the same striker double-action trigger as the basic Delta GEN.2 model as we have found it to be safer than a fully-cocked single-action striker.



The AREX Delta gen.2 Tactical is available in two basic variants and each already comes with Optics Ready out of the factory configuration enabling you to further enhance the pistol with a reflex optical sight. The most compact - M variant is practically identical in size to the first generation AREX Delta and reverse grip frame compatibility has been maintained for your convenience.  Modular design enables you to customize the firearm to your needs and preferences. Removable front and rear frame inserts incorporate slide guides and hold the complete fire control mechanism yet only the front insert is a serialized part that must remain with the firearm while everything else may be customized or exchanged if necessary or desired. 




With Delta Gen.2 Tactical, magazine reloading is a breeze. Based on the feedback from our customers, we have equipped the handgun with an extended magazine release button for RH operators. The button for Right-Hand operator operators can be exchanged with a button for Left-Hand operators, which is supplied with the handgun.





Our Delta Gen.2 Tactical has been improved with higher metal sights. This allows co-witnessing in any kind situation and compatibility with most reflex sights available on the market. Even with a sound moderator or any other muzzle device attached to the barrel, the high profile enables accurate aiming with complete visibility of the target.





Delta Gen.2 Tactical is always Optics Ready. This means it can be equipped with our universal reflex optics platform that features all the necessary hardware, including light and sturdy interfaces used with popular red dot sights. Also included are five standardized mounting plates, providing a low and secure profile interface for most proven miniature reflex sights.





Pistol ships with:


1 15 round magazine


1 17 round magazine (extended)


4 back straps 


5 optic plates


***We have included a 20lb spring & guide rod assembly in addition to the 17lb installed in your Delta Tactical.


The 20lb spring can be used for tuning, suppressors, compensators, varying ammo loads, and is marked with a white dot on the rear of the guide rod.


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