Belom Ammunition Coming to the USA

Belom Ammunition Coming to the USA

Global Ordnance is please to announce becoming a US Distributor for Belom Ammunition beginning 4th quarter 2020. 

Haven't heard of Belom yet? You will! This is brass cased, new manufacture from Serbia and simply wonderful shooting ammo. Starting with 9mm (9x19mm) and 7.62x39mm coming to the USA, we're sure you'll find Belom is poised to be your favorite new ammunition. 

Belom is PPU's sister company. PPU is used to primarily service the commercial market and Belom was set up specifically for the LE/MIL market. Their quality systems, testing, machinery, manufacturing processes, and raw materials are in place to meet Military standards. This means with Belom, commercial customers are getting military grade ammunition at commercial pricing. 

Look for Belom on your favorite dealer store shelves and prepare to be impressed. 

About Belom

Small arms ammunition factory BELOM operates within the business system of governmental company “Yugoimport SDPR” and was founded on 18th of December, 2015. by the company „BORBENI SLOŽENI SISTEMI“ with an aim of organizing its own production of weapon and ammunition to 12,7×108 mm caliber.

Due to its activities and affiliation to the business system of governmental company “Yugoimport-SDPR” company “BELOM” in very short time became recognizable on the global market, as evidenced by the fact that in 2018. company “BELOM” became a member of the Association of European manufacturers of sporting ammunition (AFEMS).

The key element in development strategy of the company is setting the right goals that are based on providing continuity and improvement of production, creating a healthy working environment for employees and separation from the competition with high quality products in order to meet the needs of customers, with performing of all obligations set by the law. As a socially responsible company “BELOM” pays special attention to protection of environment and developing good relations with the local community.

The vision of small arms ammunition factory “BELOM” is to become one of the pillars of Serbian defense industry, advancing momentum of industrial development and general development of the economy of Republic of Serbia, and to become a recognizable brand on the global market with setting high standards of production.

Sep 29th 2020

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