We would like to alert customers that we have received several questions from customers who have ordered or are considering ordering a Stribog from a website, StribogModels.com. Please be aware that Global Ordnance and approved Federal Firearms Licensees are the only authorized sellers of Grand Power products in the United States, including the Stribog.

Upon investigation:

1.We were unable to find any firearms license for the website or company listed on the website.

2.Grand Power has verified that there is no other authorized seller in the United States, besides Global Ordnance.

3.Although the company claims to be located in Los Angeles, Stribog is not a California approved firearm.

4.The company has not purchased a Stribog from the US Importer of Stribog

5.We have not heard of a single customer whom has ever been delivered a firearm from this company.

6.They only accept BitCoin, AltCoin or Zelle as payment for anything on their website.

We have reached out to the company requesting them to cease and desist with no response.

Please be aware of this potential scam as this company has no association with or authorization from Global Ordnance or Grand Power s.r.o. to advertise any Grand Power product for sale.

We will update as more information becomes available.

Thank you,

Global Ordnance, LLC

Grand Power USA

Aug 6th 2020 Global Ordnance

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